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Does Your Book Cover Convert To Market?

The business of marketing and selling books is about conversions. A conversion can ONLY happen when someone first notices your book. And if your cover is not designed to convert to the market, you’re never going to maximize your conversions/clicks/sales, etc…

This all sounds like common sense, right? You’d be surprised how many authors try to reinvent the wheel and design a cover that is “out of the box” and different than the top-selling books in their space. That is a huge mistake.

I've always said you hire the marketer to plan and build your website because they know how to do it for the market/audience, and they know how to optimize for conversions. The designer should be there to make it look good. But the marketer needs to make sure it functions as best it can be.

Covers are the first line of attack when getting a reader to notice your book. If it's not right, and doesn't match the other covers in your genre, the chances are you're not going to get noticed. Now, of course, your cover doesn't HAVE to be exactly like all the other covers. But let's be honest. In popular genres, there is an expectation of cover design from readers. Like it or not, readers are looking for covers that match their idea, not your idea, their idea of what a good book is in that genre.

So it's your job to do the research and find out what the top selling books in your genre are, and try to have covers that match. If you don't, you risk the possibility that your book will not get noticed or bought.

There’s a lot of talk about writing to market, and rightfully so. You’ve heard of writing to market, right? It’s the process of actually writing books that a lot of people actually want to buy. Because why write books that there isn’t a substantial audience of readers for? Makes sense, right? Author Chris Fox, who wrote the book “Write To Market” is correct when he says, “Many authors write, then market. Successful authors write TO market.”

But part of that, a very important part, is doing the same thing, and specifically making your cover to market as well. So let’s talk about how to produce a cover to a market, and why you need to do it.

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